At Callina, we believe in a better way

Starting with a simple mission—We believe in the lasting power of high-quality sustainable fashion. Our collections combine elegant design, premium quality materials, and are crafted with an unmistakable human touch. With a consciousness behind every choice we make; we design with integrity, grow mindfully and forge partnerships that matter.

You'll feel good about investing in clothing that makes you feel natural, comfortable and confident. Through clean lines, timeless designs, and modern shapes, Callina helps you consciously curate a wardrobe that captures your authentic spirit, unique style and personal values.

Sustainable premium fibers.
The softness is irresistible.

All Callina products are ethically and environmentally sourced while using only the finest alpaca yarn.

Only using Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified dyes which means~ No harmful chemicals.

You'll feel the difference of this luxurious fiber against your skin.

Baby alpaca fibers, from the adult animal, are hand-sorted by their diameter (micron count) and offer the finest and softest classification of alpaca fibers.

The Sacred Secrets of Peruvian Craft

We partner with hand knitters & weavers who have perfected textile skills passed down to them through generations. These experts seamlessly meld modern designs and traditional craftsmanship with ease.



weaving a Peruvian countryside sensibility into a line with a decidedly urban-cosmopolitan point of view.

Care, skill and detail is given to each and every piece.

making a difference is what this is about.

Every Callina collection is sourced with yarns made from alpaca, which have been tended by communities in the Peruvian highlands for generations. Peru’s rich textile heritage and culture of artistry preserve this source of income for artisans who work to maintain the tradition of crafting alpaca yarn.

The highland communities wide-ranging alpaca herds require shepherds and their families to travel long distances, often at the expense of children consistently attending a regular school. Callina supports the Mirasol Project, which created a boarding school in the remote region of Puno, where the children of alpaca shepherds stay Monday through Friday and attend school regularly, returning home on the weekends.


Believing in a better way

Callina is a culmination of designer Michelle Sheppard’s passions—modern fashion design, thoughtful detailing, highest-quality sustainable yarns, and intentional practices with social and ethical initiatives.

Callina was started with a simple idea to create a fashion brand for women who seek quality, strive for perfection and never settle.