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Going beyond a basic purchase.

As fall arrives and we start to think about sweaters again, there are so many choices. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.   Thinking about shopping for sweaters, this is going to be an over generalization, first you have to like the sweater. Something about it has to catch your attention maybe it is the details, textures, or color.  Perhaps it fits a need you are going on a ski trip, needing a new sweater for work, or just in the mood for something new.  The reasons you purchase it may be because It fit you perfectly, it is comfortable and the color matched your complexion.

But what comes after that?  Are we considering the quality or sustainability of the material. What about the the environmental or social impact related to it's production. 

This can be a bit overwhelming but to keep it simple let’s compare two luxurious fibers -Cashmere and Alpaca.

This is not a recommendation on what type of sweater or fiber to choose, but the recommendation is to choose well.  Think about the cost and why the product is inexpensive. Will it fall apart after one month or will it last years.  We are seeing so much go into landfills.  We can choose our best to care for the environment.  Your dollars count!