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What does clothing have to do with microfibers in our ocean?

Let's get scientific:

What is a synthetic fiber?  NYLON, ACRYLIC, & POLYESTER, RAYON, OR SPANDEX.   

How are synthetic fibers produced?   By reactions. 

  • Oil-based products make polymer pellets  +  heat = A liquid state polymer.  
  • Then this liquid is forced through small holes to produce strands or fibers.  

What is made from these synthetic fibers?  Everything from running shorts to yoga pants to fleece jackets and more. 

Wait.  We are not asking you to stop exercising or wearing fleece.  We believe knowledge is everything.  

 This is how these "microfibers" get into the ocean.

We wash our Clothes and these fibers get released into our water system.  Some do not get caught in the water treatment facilities and go into the ocean.  

One piece of clothing can release 700,000 fibers!

Where they are eaten by fish.  Then possibly by you.  

What can we do?  

At Callina we are believing in a better way.  We are using only natural or organic products.  

Choose natural fabrics over synthetic ones.  But we know that cannot always be a choice.  

When choosing,  pick garments of higher quality they shed less in the wash. Brands like Patagonia.

Rethink our buying patterns.  RETHINK- Fast fashion / overconsumption.