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Cute & Quirky- Facts about alpaca.


Without getting too scientific, Alpacas may just be the cutest of all the Camelidae family.  Related to the Llamas, Guanacos and Vicuñas, Alpaca have been valued for its fiber since pre-Incan times due to the properties and luxury quality of its hair.

Beyond how amazingly cute they are, these creatures have some of the silkiest, most versatile fibers. Their luxurious fiber has been described as "stronger than mohair, finer than cashmere, smoother than silk, softer than cotton and better-breathing than thermal knits."

A lot of people ask,  "Is baby alpaca from a baby animal?"  The answer is NO.  It refers to the fiber density or diameter of the yarn.  Just like cashmere,  the finer the diameter and longer the fiber (staple) the softer, silkier and less pilling of the yarn.  

Alpaca fiber has around 15 natural shades and once the alpaca are shorn, which happens once a year, the fibers are hand sorted.  The women or men have these skills passed down from generations to be able to separate these fibers by hand based on their diameter.  

You have to feel these sweaters to truly understand how soft and comfortable they are.  

Once you put one on, I promise it will be your go to sweater!