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Knowledge, Appreciation, Craft and Heritage
3 key takeaways the next time you buy a garment.

As you probably know, the fashion industry is one of the largest consumers of water and waste, plus at times having humanitarian issues.

Fast fashion operates on a business model of low quality/ high volume. They are concerned with the bottom line and consumers' desire for new clothing to wear every few weeks.

Some key thoughts about your clothes and how important your purchasing power is in fashion.  


  1. Who and where were your clothes made?  
  2. What fibers were used to make your clothes? 
  3. Is there an environmental mission within the company? 


  1. Look closely- are there details in the design? 
  2. Were there quality and sustainable fibers used? 
  3. Is the construction of the garment well made?

Craft and Heritage: 

  1. Is there a social mission?
  2. As a tool for positive change within a culture.  Working with artisans helps support their family/children. 
  3. Is there giving back to communities?

    At Callina, there is dedication to our artisans whose amazing skills hand craft each garment.  These timeless pieces have rich culture, luxurious quality and craftsmanship with a true soul behind the work.  

    *With each purchase you support eco-friendly and artisan made knitwear.