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Sustainable Fashion Show At The United Nations

Sustainable Fashion Show As A Vehicle For Change.

It was fantastic to be a part of the United Nation sustainable fashion show.

We collaborated with the Department of public information - a community that “campaigns for peace, human rights, and environmental sustainability. They hosted the sustainable fashion show as a movement for change.

It was very inspirational to be around a group of like-minded people. Realizing together we can make a difference with fashion as a vehicle for change.

To showcase our pieces and to be the faces of our brand we worked with activist models from NYC called “The model mafia”.  During the sustainable fashion show they showed their beauty and how together we have a larger voice.

Aine Rose Campbell

Hartje Andresen

 Kaye Li Taylor

Caroline Guzman

Dominyka Gajauskaite

Brana Dane


Laura Madden and Sustainable Fashion

Who better to spend an afternoon with than with Laura Madden.  She is full of positive energy, plus an amazing stylist, social media influencer, and advocate for sustainable fashion.  We spent the day in San Francisco, Marin Headlands over looking the Golden Gate Bridge and pacific ocean.  

Introducing her to our Fall 2017 collection we discussed topics from product styling to sustainable fashion to climate change, artisan made products, and more.  Here are some pictures from the day.  

Ava sweater styled with Isabel Marant pants

Isa Sweater with Isabel Marant pants

Paola Cardigan with slip dress

*special thanks to Randy (husband and Photog) and Nadia (our daughter) for helping!

What does clothing have to do with microfibers in our ocean?

Let's get scientific:

What is a synthetic fiber?  NYLON, ACRYLIC, & POLYESTER, RAYON, OR SPANDEX.   

How are synthetic fibers produced?   By reactions. 

  • Oil-based products make polymer pellets  +  heat = A liquid state polymer.  
  • Then this liquid is forced through small holes to produce strands or fibers.  

What is made from these synthetic fibers?  Everything from running shorts to yoga pants to fleece jackets and more. 

Wait.  We are not asking you to stop exercising or wearing fleece.  We believe knowledge is everything.  

 This is how these "microfibers" get into the ocean.

We wash our Clothes and these fibers get released into our water system.  Some do not get caught in the water treatment facilities and go into the ocean.  

One piece of clothing can release 700,000 fibers!

Where they are eaten by fish.  Then possibly by you.  

What can we do?  

At Callina we are believing in a better way.  We are using only natural or organic products.  

Choose natural fabrics over synthetic ones.  But we know that cannot always be a choice.  

When choosing,  pick garments of higher quality they shed less in the wash. Brands like Patagonia.

Rethink our buying patterns.  RETHINK- Fast fashion / overconsumption.






Going beyond a basic purchase.

As fall arrives and we start to think about sweaters again, there are so many choices. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.   Thinking about shopping for sweaters, this is going to be an over generalization, first you have to like the sweater. Something about it has to catch your attention maybe it is the details, textures, or color.  Perhaps it fits a need you are going on a ski trip, needing a new sweater for work, or just in the mood for something new.  The reasons you purchase it may be because It fit you perfectly, it is comfortable and the color matched your complexion.

But what comes after that?  Are we considering the quality or sustainability of the material. What about the the environmental or social impact related to it's production. 

This can be a bit overwhelming but to keep it simple let’s compare two luxurious fibers -Cashmere and Alpaca.

This is not a recommendation on what type of sweater or fiber to choose, but the recommendation is to choose well.  Think about the cost and why the product is inexpensive. Will it fall apart after one month or will it last years.  We are seeing so much go into landfills.  We can choose our best to care for the environment.  Your dollars count!  

British Vogue + Callina summer look book

Featured In British Vogue July Issue's summer look book.

"Callina's 2016 Collection embraces a casual luxury spirt, offering sustainably designed pieces you will reach for time and again.  Callina is rooted in modern luxury design and their pieces are crafted from exquisite, sustainable fibers."

Spring fashion with lightweight knits.  A great way you can be playful and experiment with color, textures and forms!  


callina light weightlight lace knit tops



This summer is about an adventurous and care free spirit.


I asked my dear friend, Karen, to join me on a California coast tour.  Wanting to create a story about the intimacy of friendship with inspiration of a journey.  We decided not to make any plans…just see where the road would take us.

It was a dream come true~ to be on Hwy 1 exploring, laughing, while coming across amazing beaches, biking along the coast,  farmers markets, wine tasting and  hidden treasures in speciality boutiques.

Friendship & Memories not to be forgotten.



You are invited to the following event:


Building a community around social impact and sustainable fashion in the heart of Manhattan.

To kick things off, Article 22 and Callina will be presenting their collections for a special evening of shopping, stories and drinks. Come meet the founders and learn how Article 22 makes their jewelry from unexploded bombs dropped in Laos while discovering the incredible beauty of hand knitting alpaca wool into Callina sweaters. 

We hope to see you there!

Eventbrite: sign up


There are a lot of days that just stand out and being with Andrea from Ecologique fashion was one of them. She had just returned from helping at the Fibershed fashion Gala (essentially farm-to-fashion), was heading off to NYC to work with Ecohabitude (socially conscious e-commerce platform), all while maintaining her ethical fashion blog.  

Andrea is amazing on many levels but her kindness and generosity showed through as we talked and walked around San Francisco's Embarcadero doing our photo shoot. 

You can read Andrea's blog here on Ecologique fashion